What we do?

Trade Receivable Insurance

Trade receivable insurance is a kind of insurance that guarantees the risk of non-payment of receivables arising from domestic and overseas credit sales. It guarantees political risks as well as non-payment risk of debt in foreign sales.

  • The situation of the recipients continuously controlled and gives information about the happened negative changes.
  • Provides collection service for the unpaid receivables
  • Uncollectible receivables within the insurance are compensated and companies’ loss of cash, labor and time are prevented.
  • Trade receivable insurance is a widely used management system nowadays due to these services provided. Because it provides a safe increase of sales, it contributes very seriously to marketing efforts and raises awareness in favor of the company.

Surety Bond

Surety Bond is at your service as an instrument to relax your limits in banks and strengthen your cash financing capacity.

We work with the world's leading Surety Bond companies in the field of Surety Bond to meet your letter of guarantee needs in domestic and international projects.

We increase your competing chances with local companies by providing local policies for your tender participation, advance payment, and performance guarantees (bonds) in all geographies where your projects take place.


Through our global brokers operating around the world, we create solutions for assurance needs for international and domestic projects.

For Turkish Contractors doing business abroad, we provide solutions for all the insurance needs in the countries where the project is located, including the provision of policies by the local insurance companies.

Group of Companies

We work with all leading reinsurance markets including Lloyd’s market, from Asia to Middle East, from Africa to Europe. With the aim to provide best assurances, we aim to make our sedan business partners comfortable by continuing to provide maximum protection conscientiously.